Super Mario Odyssey: Integrating Monetization


Solo Passion Project

As a passion project and assignment for a retention and monetization class, I took Super Mario Odyssey and added monetization elements. These included loot boxes and an in-game currency. Most of the game is still in it’s original form, with what I made being an addition on top of what is already there.

Cosmetic system in  Super Mario Odyssey

Cosmetic system in Super Mario Odyssey


The game already has customization for cosmetics on Mario. The game also gets updated to add new cosmetics periodically. My monetization system take these new cosmetics and puts them into loot boxes. After a boss fight, players are automatically rewarded with a loot box.

Simple progression loop with the loot boxes in the game

Simple progression loop with the loot boxes in the game

Additionally, the game already has two different types of coins, yellow and purple. I would add a third variety, let’s say green coins. When the player beats Bowser at the end of the game, they have the ability to get more collectables in each world. This is when the green coins would get introduced. The green coins would be much more sparse, but they would be hidden throughout the game world just like the other coins.

Green coins are used to purchase the loot boxes in the game. Beyond finding the coins in-game, players would also have the option to buy coin packs. Additionally, players would be able to earn a small amount of green coins in the Luigi’s Balloon World multiplayer mode.