Project Noh


Team of 15

Gameplay Programmer

Project Noh is a VR survival horror game with a unique take on locomotion movement. In Project Noh, you find yourself in an abandoned, haunted theatre house inspired by traditional east Asian culture. Your goal is to appease the spirit that haunts the theater, while ensuring your own survival from the angry spirit. Currently, we are moving out of preproduction and starting 2019 off in production.



One of the large aspects of this game was the movement. As a team we wanted to attempt something that had not been done before while also making the movement feel like a natural extension of the player. Going in to the project, we knew that the game would be a seated experience, so one idea we came up with was to have the player in a wheelchair.

Here’s why the wheelchair works. The player is sitting in reality, and they are sitting in the game. This alone makes the player feel immersed into the game. On top of this, when moving in a wheelchair, none of the movement involves moving your legs. Again, this helps make the player feel like they are in the game, as they don’t feel “out of sync” with what they are doing in reality.

This is where a lot of other VR games tend to “lose” some immersion. Generally they have a standard locomotion controller, where in-game the player either walks/runs around, or they don’t have legs and just float around. Both of these create that “out of sync” feeling because in reality the player is not floating in space, and they most likely aren’t walking or running around.